Also for custom made packaging

Our webshop offers a huge range of standard packaging solutions. Nevertheless, sometimes standard solutions will not do the job. In that case Ecobliss is able to offer custom made solutions. Our regular website provides lots of information, so in case you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

  • Ecobliss, a global leader in blister and high-visibility packaging, is a privately held company with some 300 staff, and a growing international network of business partners. Ecobliss enjoys and passionately supports a culture of innovation and efficiency. Our staff is eager to work with you, whether you are a seasoned professional, or a complete novice to the world of packaging. Long-lasting relationships, inspired solutions, professional reliability and commitment are hallmarks of how we like to operate.

    Ecobliss expertly and successfully guides and executes the packaging processes of companies of all sizes in all industries around the world. With comprehensive

  • supporting services, Ecobliss provides an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. We do this using our three-step business model of Development, Realisation and Implementation.

    Ecobliss achieves a high standard of environmental responsibility while delivering top-quality, high-performance packaging. All Ecobliss’ packaging solutions can easily be recycled, and our production processes are highly energy-efficient and focussed on minimizing post production waste.