Transparent Boxes

Transparent Boxes

Clear plastic boxes from Ecobliss

In addition to blisters, the Ecobliss webshop also sells transparent boxes directly from the site.

Transparent plastic boxes are a great way to add "gift" value to your product. They look great on the counter-top as well as on the store shelf. Your product is completely visible from all sides in a clear box from Ecobliss.

Need more options in transparent packaging

Branding and artwork

Want to add branding or product information to your package? Add a printed insert or an adhesive label. If you wish, Ecobliss can assist you with design and production of additional parts, both in plastic and paper.

Product fit and protection

Sometimes you want a product to be suspended neatly in the package. Ecobliss has a dedicated design and development team that can help you design and produce the perfect fit for both protection and presentation of your product.

For information about these services, please contact an <a href="/en-de/contact.html">Ecobliss representative</a>.