Clamshells from Ecobliss

Clamshells from Ecobliss

Ecobliss stock clamshell packaging

stock clamshell blister packaging from Ecobliss are a convenient and cost-effective packaging solution for products of a variety of shapes and sizes. The closing mechanism, hanging hole and elevated base for a printed insert card make it an ideal solution for small to medium-sized packaging runs for retail.

The Ecobliss webshop sells clamshell packaging in a range of sizes from stock. Look up your preferred outer package size on the clamshell blister category page or search for the best match for your product size with the Find my package search form on the e-blister homepage.

What is clamshell packaging?

In packaging, the terms clamshell or blister shell can mean a number of things. In most cases the terms refer to a package where two sides of the complete package are connected by a fold or hinge to allow the two parts to come together and form a closed casing. Hence the name clamshell.

Clamshells are mainly used for point of sale packaging. They provide moderate protection for the product, while the transparent material keeps the product itself clearly visible. Simple customisation and branding can be archieved by adding a printed insert card or adhesive label to the package.

Clamshell packaging, cost-effective and convenient

Clamshells provide a low-barrier, cost-effective way to archieve an attractive presentation for your product at point of sale. Blisters are sold by the box for convenient shipping and handling. Our tier based pricing system ensures that the more you buy, the more you save.

Clamshell packaging design

Of course one size, or even a range of sizes, rarely fits all. Can't find your ideal blister size in our standard program? Contact us! Ecobliss offers a multitude of packaging solutions, from a custom sized clamshell based on the size and or the shape of your product, to fully customised package design and process based on your needs.

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