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The Ecobliss hand held ultrasonic clam shell sealer. This type of ultrasonic sealer is ideal for sealing small to medium sized batches of clam shell blisters. It offers enormous flexibility as it requires no set-up nor any specific tooling. You can seal any clam shell pack with this device with a sheet thickness between 0.2 and 0.6 mm. One of the great advantages of using an ultrasonic sealing device over any heat seal device is speed. The time required to make an ultrasonic seal is only a fraction of the time required to make a heat seal. Another advantage is that on the ultrasonic sealing device the sealing time can be set, meaning that every seal is equal and does not depend on the operator’s sense of timing (on a hand held heat sealer the heating time depends on how long the operator clamps the heat sealing device). Please visit our equipment portal for a complete overview of the Ecobliss equipment range.
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